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Welcome to Comnlink Group LTD

Comnlink Group is one of the major stocking distributors of electronic components, We specialize in procuring various electronic components by utilizing worlds’ largest electronic components sources. Quality and reliability of our services and products continues to be our main goal and we strive to continue to improve our value to you on a daily basis. Our experienced, professional team is ready and ready serve you anytime. We are strong in hard-to-find and obsolete components in military, industrial and commercial grade.

Comnlink Group Ltd gives clints a omnibearing solutions in their supply chain. Whether parts are discontinued or obsolete ,Providing the high quality products are always life for us. We value customers and treat everyone with the same respect and support that they deserve.

Our Mission

At Comnlink, we follow high business morality and environmental protection. Working with our customers and suppliers by integrity, respect and mutual benefit, Striving to provide excellent customer service, “more than customers expectation."


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6N140A/883B, AFBR-57M5APZ, AFBR-5803ATZ, AFBR-5903AZ, AFBR-59R5ALZ, EDI88257CA25CB, EDI8L32512C12AI, EDI8L32512C15AI, HCPL-5120, HCPL-5201, HCPL-5231, HCPL-5301, HCPL-5401, HCPL-5501, HCPL-5530HCPL-5600, HCPL-5601, HCPL-5630, HCPL-5630, HCPL-5631, HCPL-6531, HCPL-6630, HCPL-6631, HSSR-7110, HSSR-7111, W332M64V-100SBI, W364M72V-133SBI, W764M32V-120SBM, WE512K8-200CM, WF2M32-120G2UM5A
WMS128K8-70CM, WS1M32-25H2M, WS1M32V-25G3M, WS512K32V-20G2UM